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Two things are on this page: first off the YellowPages of lofi labels open to any label using CreRo to propel its website, BUT ALSO, below, the Lofi All-Stars list curated by our team.
We talk here about Lofi in its historical sense, that raised roughly more than two decades ago, here it's lofi rock and not lofi hip-hop beats to study and relax!

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Here's Loficlopedia dot org live yellowpage of CreRo-powered label, artist, or webradio websites :

⏬ Keep on scrolling down for Loficlopedia dot org's provided additionnal information about its YellowPages service ⏬This website's particular service is mainly online to test in real-life condition the behaviour of real CreRo-powered (net)label websites while using more than one YellowPages service.
The main, durable, YellowPages service meant for widespread use is preferably clewn.org/yp
Therefore, Loficlopedia.org's YellowPages service can disappear at any time. If you love it enough to wish it a longer life, please consider funding a bit its yearly budget of about €22 by a small donation made to the Clewn.org collective.

Besides the above label YellowPages, this website's team also curates the great

Lofi Music All-Stars list

Photo pictures for music projects below copyright their respective owners, used with authorisation.
No Monster Club
picture or symbol of artist or band

picture or symbol of artist or band

tiny moon
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Me In The Bath
picture or symbol of artist or band

Wanna submit your music project to this list? Just send the following to date@clewn.org : Band name, link, square 250x250px picture. We will take months to consider your application. Be warned.

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